“Being heard is so close to being loved that most people can’t tell the difference.” - David Augsburger


We all have it, this need.

We all need to be heard, to know that we matter, to believe that others are listening and are aware of our lives. It’s why social media platforms are so popular. They help fulfill our need to give voice to our lives, to know that our stories are not lost.

And that is good.
But… is it really enough?  

Like most snack foods, surface-level connections only satisfy for a short time, leaving us hungry for something richer, something more. We don’t just want to state truths on the internet. We want to actually be heard—by real people, in real life.


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Need more? We can help.

Listen First Project

Regardless of where you are or who you're with, Listen First Project wants you to feel heard. A Listen First Conversation is any conversation that prioritizes understanding—whether between friends or strangers; on a park bench or online. Our collaborative platform, National Conversation Project, powered by 200+ partners, allows you to join conversations with others from across the country, allowing you to engage in meaningful dialogue across differences, or simply to share your perspective and feel more connected.

Someone To Tell It To

Someone To Tell It To cultivates meaningful relationships through compassionate listening and trains others to do the same. And everyone is the “Someone” in Someone To Tell It To. It’s not just us. We’ve never been about one-way relationships; we always hope to establish a mutual relationship between friends who are sharing life’s journey together. Our compassionate listeners give you the freedom to talk about anything—truly anything—and walk with you as you start to find healing.

Urban Confessional

Urban Confessional has volunteers in more than 80 countries waiting to listen to you out on the streets. If you need to be heard and need someone to hold a compassionate, non-judgmental space for you, we’re available.